Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Summer has gone by quickly this year. We didn't do all that we had planned ( a trip to California, camping at Island Park and a visit to Yellowstone). Summer isn't over yet though so maybe we'll get to do at least one thing on our list. The kids are doing great. I was debating on putting Luc in preschool this year but we decided that he needs to build his vocabulary first. Sam is getting ready to walk. She can pull herself up and walk around the table and even stand on her own for a few seconds but no steps yet. She prefers mommy to carry her. We had some weight issues with her the past couple of months but she is doing better now. She went through a growth spurt and has both packed on the pounds and sprouted.

Birthdays : We celebrated Luc's birthday on his birthdate March 13th. He got cake and a nice toy set from his Grandparents. Sam's birthday was celebrated on my birthdate July 19th. We had a little bbq for the both of us but it was mostly about her. She got a couple of very cute dresses and a little musical drum toy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life this past week

Not much has been happening this past week. Luc finaly went in his potty. He's getting to be a big boy. I also started working with him on his abc's and number's. He is such a quick learner. Sam is crawling now and she's even tried to pull herself up on things. She also likes to say " dada" and " mama". She is a real happy, smiley baby ! Travis is still working in Wyoming and won't be home for another week. I got him a suprise and I can't wait to give it to him. Since I ruined his wallet in the washer by accident, I bought him a new one. Im sure he'll be real happy to get it. I also got him a decanter set. A gift for his guy room.

On another note, its getting nice out finaly. We had alot of snow this past month and I thought springtime would never come. But then it suddenly warmed up, the birds are out and the trees are budding. We're getting some spring showers too. I even spotted a purple flower in our back yard. Spring is officialy here !

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ! ( Potty training Day 1 )

This Easter is Luc's first one that he got to do an egg hunt. We had alot of fun. This morning we invited the in-laws over for a nice breakfast then Luc got his basket and hunted for eggs. He was so confused and excited at the same time. All he wanted to do was open his eggs and play with the contents inside. We had to work with him to put them in the basket. In his basket he had bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a stuffed bunny and a little candy. Sam we felt is too young for a basket so she just got a cute dress. Grandma and Grandpa got both kids a basket too though. They got a rubber ducky and a blanket. Luc also got a Toy Story box. They got spoiled. Today, we also started potty training Luc. I put him on the potty and he didn't know what he was supposed to do, lol. He didn't go the first time we tried but Im sure he will start to learn soon.
( Sorry, the last picture is so terrible. My husband had the camera :P )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My little ones

These are my two little ones, Lucius ( Luc) and Samantha ( Sam). Luc likes to get pretty close to the camera when I take his picture. Sam absolutely loves the camera and always stops to pose and smile for me.